Why take this yoga teacher training for your RYT200? What makes this program unique?

Yoga Alliance Guidelines must be met by all Registered Yoga Schools, which means we, like other schools, meet the requirements that dictate how many hours we spend teaching you teaching methodology, techniques and training, yoga philosophy and lifestyle, and anatomy and physiology, as well as how many hours we spend on practicum. So, how are we different?

  • Collaboration. This program wasn't developed by one person but is a collaboration of teachers with thousands of hours of education and practice. We've studied with many great instructors, and we offer you the "best of the best" knowledge that we've gleaned from our gurus.
  • Consistency. Every teacher has areas of training that resonate with her more strongly than other areas, but we are committed to comprehensive coverage of each learning objective. This means there is program consistency, so you'll get the same training if you take it in Washington, Florida, or anywhere in between. We don't vary the program based on our personal affinity for a particular topic. All subjects are thoroughly presented. Our teachers work from a well-planned curriculum that includes a timeline for each topic, assuring you receive an education that provides depth and breadth of knowledge.
  • Transformative. We allow time and space in our programs for true personal growth, which changes your relationship with yourself and everyone in your life. Learning to use our yogic tools changes the way we approach everything in life - from daily inconveniences to life-changing decisions and how we interact with and love both ourselves and others.
  • Multiplicity of Styles. You will leave our training prepared to teach a variety of styles, and you'll understand how to offer pose modifications to teach a multi-level class. We introduce you to powerful Vinyasa Flow classes, Thai Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and more.
  • Yoga Tradition. While you may teach in a gym, this isn't "gym-based" yoga. It is yoga that is steeped in deep tradition. Full Circle Yoga is an affiliate licensee of White Crow Yoga. White Crow founder Mary Irby studied in India with Dr. Asana Andiappan in Chennai, who was awarded the 2003 Gandhi Award and has made a place for himself in the history of yoga through his work in Tamil. He was a student of Bangalore Sundaram and Swami Gitananda.
  • Teaching Preparedness. We give our students ample opportunity for partner and team teaching, for creating their own class flows and class themes, and for creating and practicing cues that work for them as a teacher. We believe that giving trainees a chance to do these things helps them find their unique teaching voice and gives them the confidence they need to actually start teaching when they finish the program. We also spend many hours teaching and practicing hands-on adjustments and assists so our trainees feel confident about offering both correctional adjustments and "feel good" assists that enhance a student's posture or create more relaxation in an asana.
  • Fun. While our RYT program is a lot of work, it is also fun and filled with hands-on learning activities that appeal to all types of learners. You will participate in fun projects that help deepen your yoga knowledge, such as creating vision/gratitude boards, making mala bead bracelets for meditation, designing creative cards to teach the Sutras, and working in groups to develop community service projects that reflect the Eight Limbs of Yoga.
  • Bottom Line. You'll learn so much more than we could ever put into words. It's not just about the knowledge you'll gain; it's about making a deep connection with your inner self and consciousness. We want you to leave our program feeling that it was the best 200 hours you've ever spent in your life!
  • We meet you where you are. You'll be treated with respect, and you'll learn from humble teachers with compassionate hearts. No one will judge you or place any expectations upon you. You don't have to wait until you are "better" or "more advanced" to take our RYT program; we meet you where you are in your yoga journey.

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